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Lois Lane
this girl is taking bets
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26th-May-2020 03:36 pm - Voicemail | IC/OOC Hotline
| so... you might wanna get checked

"You've reached Lois Lane, Daily Planet.  If this is about a story, leave me your name and number and I'll get right back to you.  If it's an emergency - or about a deadline - use an appropriately frantic tone."

This post acts as an IC voicemail for Lois and OOC contact post for the mun.  Please indicate if the comment is OOC.
| very important paper
How's My Driving?
You know the drill.
All comments screened.
Anon is available as an option.

Comments, complaints, questions, concerns, critiques, etc. all welcome.
22nd-Jul-2015 04:51 pm - paradisa tracking
PARADISA: all the threads

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Clark, Lana, etc.| Celebrate turkey day DCU style
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Canon Updated
Clark |  Aftermath
Post 023
| Apologies
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Post 029 | Engagement party invitations
Post 030 | Update report and deliver a warning
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Post 031 | Plan Mineas Well trip
Post 032 | Interview Flora
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Clark | Discuss Riful
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Group | Lente's Point expedition
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"Newspaper Club" |  Make that deadline
Gunn |  The one week blues
Hush |  This is not the Bruce Wayne you are looking for
Post 038 |  Check everybody's status | Clark, Oliver, Lana
22nd-Jul-2014 05:39 pm - counted_stars tracking
| i -will- go buffy on your ass
COUNTED STARS: all the threads

Post 001 | Welcome fresh meat | Catty, Jo, Tenel Ka, Ren, Draco, Adam, Hatter, Alice, Nana, Clark
Post 002 | Rock the gold bikini | Hatter, Lily, Claire, Spike, Zekk, Draco, Anakin, Mal, Ness, Ren, Clark, Sylar, Kara, Jo
Post 003 | Angle for a story | Onya
Post 004 | Interviews re: killer robots | Ness, Claire, Anakin, Wash, Hatter, Jo, Catty, Terra, Alice, Gohan, Lily, Shiori
Post 005 | Plan night out | Hatter, Alice, Hardison, Ren, Sam F
Post 006 | Mynock vandalized | Catty, Ren, Lily, Shiori, Claire, Ten
Post 007 | Lonely Hearts Club | Sirius, Shiori
Post 008 | Survive zombie invasion | Stefan, Anya, Garrus, Nathan
Post 009 | The adventures of Sabaac Alice | Flynn, Nathan, Peter, Sam W
Post 010 | Arrested! | Logan, Spike, Chloe, Garrus, Catty
17th-Feb-2011 12:49 am - Drabble challenge for digthenym
| this feels like a sex fantasy
Fandom: Smallville / Alice
Characters: Lois Lane (loisfuckinglane  ) and Hatter (hereinthisstyle  )
Genre: Action/Humor
Rating: PG
Timeline/Verse: counted_stars  
Prompt: Song 2 by Blur
Requested By: digthenym   ilu, bb ♥
Summary: Sometimes getting the scoop's easier with a little help from your friends.  Sometimes not.

(""You know, from now on when you say you're calling in a favor, I'm going to ask for a full description, typed out in detail beforehand,"")
| is there a problem officer?
[Lois had never been to the Underground herself yet, so she made sure to leave with plenty of time to spare for navigating.  She seems to have no qualms whatsoever about pushing her way through in the direction of the Casino unaccompanied, even somewhat dressed up for the evening as she is, and it's obvious that she's not particularly worried about being accosted.  Really, she figures, she's dealt with worse.

It strikes her, however, when she reaches the entrance of the place that she has no idea what the guy she's meeting up with looks like, which is annoying enough.  Shoving her way up to the front corner, she doesn't wait for an invitation to ask her question, simply snapping to get someone's attention.]

Hey, I'm looking for a guy named Tony Stark.  Anyone know where I might find him?
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