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Lois Lane

this girl is taking bets

17 August
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· the one and only lois lane ·

Canon: Smallville

Raised as an army brat, Lois is all confidence, gusto, and stiff upper lip. She loves classic rock, video games, karate, and annoying the shit out of Clark Kent. Oh, and it can be difficult to shut her up, especially when she has an opinion on something.

Which is always.

· paradisa ·

Played at paradisa.

Timeline: End of 10x11
Wiki: Here
Date of arrival: Sept 17th, 2010; canon updated Jan. 23rd, 2011

The Legion Ring sends Lois into a world that's not quite the idyllic place it first appears to be... And there's a price for entry: her memories of her cousin, Chloe. Together with fiancee Clark, and new friends and family, she works to unravel the terrible secrets behind the castle.

Clark is clarklike.
Oliver is yeahihidmypants.
Lana is luthored.
Tess is alloutofmercy.

· counted stars ·

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Timeline: End of S6
Wiki: Here

A near death experience catapults Lois beyond the stars and back to a time long, long ago. In reality, she's been drawn into the center of a war between ancient Jedi and Sith, by a dark Lord named Revan, who wants her to join his ranks. Lois, of course, has other ideas about what she's going to be doing with her time, and is currently working as a cantina bartender, and trying to get a job as a holo-reporter.

Room: A1 (shared with Lily)

· disclaimer ·

I am not Erica Durance, Lois Lane, or associated with Smallville in any way. This is for fun, not for profit.

If you need to contact the mun, PM this journal or use AIM @thegreatmuldini ♥
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